Floyd Holdings Limited

Leadership: The courage to shape a better future.

We invest for the long term in people and capital resources that enable us to transform lives, forge long-term partnerships to enable growth and improved operational excellence in the businesses we are invested in.

Our Leadership

Our People

Deeply rooted in our employees are our values, which drive us towards a common sense of purpose to create long lasting value for our stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

capital Resources

We invest for the long-term, bringing strategic capital, sector expertise, a track record of business turnaround success and operational excellence to companies we invest in.

Social Responsibility

Our Community,
Our pride

Investment is more than business to us. It brings with it a responsibility to protect the environment, uplift communities and maintain the integrity of decision-making structures, which we embrace wholeheartedly.

Mryon Tyler

FC45 Academy turns 5 in July

FC45 Academy, a division of Group45 Limited was started in 2017 in Gaborone. The Academy celebrates its 5th Anniversary in July 2022 with an event aimed at bringing together some

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