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Squid Game has been bumped by another show – Netflix

Much like the infamous Korean death match itself, only one show can come out on top of Netflix‘s US Top 10 list. 

While “Squid Game” remained number one on the list for weeks, the hit Netflix television series fell to number two on Saturday after it was dethroned by the streaming platform’s popular thriller series “You,” fresh off its season 3 release.

The South Korean drama, which centers on a group of strangers competing in twisted and deadly children’s games for a large cash prize, spent 24 days in the top spot for the streamer in the US. It fell short of the longest-reigning program on the streaming service, “Ginny & Georgia,” which stayed at the top spot for 29 days in the US earlier this year. “Squid Game” does, however, set the record for a non-English program in the coveted spot.

Netflix’s “You” — which is now in its third season and centers on a murderous couple raising a newborn son in the suburbs — clinched the top spot after premiering on Friday.