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Blessing Mugumwa


Blessing began his professional journey in 2007 as a sports director at Ariel School, where his passion for sports and education quickly became evident. In 2019, he relocated to Botswana and founded Floyd Holdings Limited, aiming to create a multi-business enterprise that provided individuals with the chance to realize their potential, irrespective of their educational background or abilities. Through mentorship programs, Blessing sought to foster a new generation of progressive African entrepreneurs.

One of his initial ventures under Floyd Holdings was the Premier Cricket Academy in Botswana, which gained recognition for its quality training programs and commitment to nurturing young talent. However, in 2020, Blessing sold the academy to launch FC45 Academy, a rapidly growing football development school now enrolling over 150 children. FC45 Academy stands out for its comprehensive training programs and dedication to developing young football talent in Botswana.

The academy’s success can be attributed to its capable management, including Gaone Phusumane, a passionate football enthusiast and BAC intern student who rose from administrative assistant to Academy Director within two years. Blessing’s entrepreneurial journey is driven by his commitment to providing opportunities and fostering potential in individuals across Africa, making a significant impact through Floyd Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries.